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Stulz Ultrasonic

Humideco are the UK distributor for Stulz ultrasonic humidifiers. Stulz are the world leader in ultrasonic humidifier technology, with a wide range of units for applications in HVAC, data centres, process humidification and climatic chambers.

With clean and hygienic operation, precise mist output and virtually no maintenance, Ultrasonic humidifiers are suited both to new applications, and as a retrofit, where the adiabatic process is an advantage. For example, they can be uniquely applied as replacements for steam humidifiers in data centres, with energy saving benefits for both cooling and humidification.

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Stulz Ultrasonic humidifier product range

Stulz ENS

Ultra-low energy humidifiers for air handling units and ducts

  • A range of units with outputs from 1.2 to 18kg/hr
  • Up to 15 units can operate together, as a single system
  • Requires 93% less electrical energy than steam
  • Best suited to recirculatory air systems
  • Clean and hygienic
  • Low maintenance and long service life
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Stulz ultrasonic humidifier ENS

Stulz BNB

Wall mounted units for direct room humidification

  • Output range from 1 to 8kg/hr
  • Hygienic and safe operation
  • Ultra-fine mist; rapid evaporation
  • Close control of relative humidity possible
  • Cooling effect – assists with room cooling
  • Ideal for data centres
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Stulz ultrasonic humidifier BNB


Units for incorporation into fan coils and climatic chambers

  • Output 0.4kg/hr
  • Ideal for use with fan coil units
  • And for a wide range of climatic chambers, plant germination, bakery provers, etc.
  • Clean and hygienic
  • Ultra-low energy
  • Instantaneous response
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Stulz ultrasonic humidifier FN400

Stulz SCA

For retail food displays, climatic chambers and air conditioning applications

  • 1 kg/hr and 2 kg/hr models
  • With fixed or variable mist output
  • Integral fan directs the mist via hoses
  • Also ideal for special mist effects
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Stulz ultrasonic humidifier SCA

Stulz USM / USS

Microprocessor based master / slave controller for ENS and BNB humidifiers

  • Central control unit for up to 15 Stulz humidification units
  • Clear display for showing actual values, status messages and alarms
  • Interfaces with building management systems
  • Provides power and control for the humidifiers, for efficient operation
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Stulz ultasonic humidifier USM/ USS


Water treatment systems to suit the Stulz ultrasonic humidifier range

  • Demineralisation cylinders, with conductivity monitoring, for small systems
  • RO systems, specifically engineered for each application
  • Water softeners and UV water sterilizers
  • Systems selected and designed based on customer’s water quality
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Stulz ultrasonic humidifier RO/DI

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