Evaporative Humidifiers & Adiabatic Cooling

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Evaporative Humidifiers & Adiabatic Cooling

Using the principle of water evaporation to cool air is both very efficient and very economical, when compared to conventional air conditioning techniques. Humideco offer evaporative units and atomising systems for use in direct and indirect evaporative cooling units, for industrial and data centre cooling. We also design and build atomising systems for dry coolers, chillers and other air cooled systems, to assist in the cooling process, bringing operational savings for the user.

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Benefits & Features

  • Energy Efficient Cooling
  • Ideal for Indirect Evaporative Cooling
  • Perfect for Data Centre Projects
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Advanced Vapor Logic Controls
An evaporative humidifier
An outside evaporative humidifier unit
An industrial factory Industrial car manufacturing area Industrial manufacturing area Evaporative humidifiers in a data centre

Product Applications

Evaporative cooling offers many benefits in data centers, industrial & manufacturing areas and for process cooling.