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Humidification and Humidity Control in Laboratories

The importance of maintaining a stable level of relative humidity within a laboratory environment cannot be understated. The desired condition for the laboratory will depend upon the nature of the work carried out within it and the key is to prevent any variability within the dimensions, properties or performance of materials, solutions and test equipment, that might otherwise affect or influence testing or processing. Additionally, it is important to prevent the effects of static electricity that can be problematic at lower levels of relative humidity.

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Humideco can advise on the ideal conditions for laboratory environments; we have the experience and product range to offer you the optimum solution for your particular application.

We also supply humidifier units and systems to manufacturers of environmental test equipment and germination / growth chambers, such as Weiss Technik, CTS, LTE Scientific and others.

What are the benefits?

  • Stability of test environments
  • Compliance to International Standards
  • Prevention of static electricity
  • Selection & Design Support
  • Nationwide Support & Service
  • Design, Installation & Maintenance

Recent Clients

Our clients include Dyson, Osler Diagnostics, Axis Bioservices, Weiss Technik, University of Warwick and James Hutton Institute

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Our Products That May Interest You


DriSteem GTS

Gas fired steam humidifiers

  • Broad capacity range, 34 - 272 Kg/hr for each unit
  • Compatible with all water types
  • Full burner modulation, close output control, efficient operation
  • Lowest operation cost for a steam humidifier
  • Vapor-logic control
  • Short steam absorption with Ultra-sorb dispersion panels
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Rapid-sorb Dispersion Tube System

Single header with multiple tubes, short absorption distance

  • Single header with multiple tubes, short absorption distance
  • For horizontal to vertical airflows
  • Up to 955 Kg/hr capacity
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DriSteem Humidi-Tech

Resistive element steam humidifiers

  • Direct heating elements, no throwaway steam cylinders
  • 2.7 - 46Kg/hr for each unit, link up to 16 units
  • Close control, +/-1%rh possible, SSR modulating output
  • Vapor-logic control
  • Short steam absorption with Ultra-sorb dispersion panels
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XT series Humidifiers

Affordable and reliable electrode steam unit

  • Easy installation
  • Range of control options
  • 2.3 to 130 Kg/Hr from a single unit
  • Stainless steel casing option
  • Units available from stock
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DriSteem Vaporsteam

Rugged industrial resistive element humidifiers

  • Direct heating elements, no throwaway steam cylinders
  • 2.6 - 129Kg/Hr for each unit
  • Close control, +/-1%rh possible
  • All stainless steel
  • Vapor-logic control
  • Short steam absorption with Ultra-sorb dispersion panels
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DriSteem STS

Steam to steam generator

  • Chemical free steam, using boiler steam as the energy source
  • Closed loop system, no boiler steam enters the humidified space
  • All stainless steel
  • 9 - 726Kg/hr for each unit
  • Models for all water types
  • Short steam absorption with Ultra-sorb dispersion panels
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For horizontal to vertical airflows

  • Guaranteed non-wetting distances, install from 150mm - 300mm of downsteam items
  • Models available from 305mm x 305mm to 3658mm x 3658mm
  • High efficiency tubes available
  • Zero waste water (on pressured steam), returning condensate vaporised by incoming steam
  • Factory or site assembly
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Humideco EMWT water treatment range

Efficient and reliable humidifier water treatment

  • Our water treatment systems have been developed over many years
  • A comprehensive and reliable solution for humidifier water treatment
  • Ensures mineral dust free and hygienic humidification
  • Minimises maintenance
  • Our representatives propose water treatment plant suited to each application
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EMCU control unit

The heart of an EcoMist system

  • Features oil free, high quality stainless steel pump, valves, and controls
  • For control of single or multi-zone systems
  • Incorporates micro-fine water filtration and UV water sterilization
  • Fixed or variable speed versions, for efficient response to varying demand.
  • Fully protected in an enclosed cabinet
  • Bi-colour LED indication of all aspects of system status
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EM20 / 40

High capacity humidifier units

  • Designed for ceiling or roof mounting
  • 20 or 40 litres per hour output, with our non-drip mist nozzles
  • Efficient and powerful 4 way blow, backward curved, mist-vortex fan
  • Rapid moisture evaporation
  • For virtually all industrial, storage or process areas.
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Medium capacity humidifier unit, for lower areas

  • Wall or column mounted humidifier, with 10 litres per hour output
  • High capacity, yet low noise unit.
  • Rapid moisture evaporation, non drip mist nozzles
  • EM10 units can be installed along a machine or process line, for example
  • Can be combined with other EM units in a zoned system
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Lower capacity units

  • Designed for wall mounting, with a humidification capacity of 5 litres per hour
  • Virtually silent operation, for areas with a low ceiling height
  • Also for localised control around a machine or process
  • Can be combined with other EM units in a zoned system
  • Rapid moisture evaporation, non drip mist nozzles
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Stulz ENS

Ultra-low energy humidifiers for air handling units and ducts

  • A range of units with outputs from 1.2 to 18kg/hr
  • Up to 15 units can operate together, as a single system
  • Requires 93% less electrical energy than steam
  • Best suited to recirculatory air systems
  • Clean and hygienic
  • Low maintenance and long service life
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Wall mounted units for direct room humidification

  • Output range from 1 to 8kg/hr
  • Hygienic and safe operation
  • Ultra-fine mist; rapid evaporation
  • Close control of relative humidity possible
  • Cooling effect – assists with room cooling
  • Ideal for data centres
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Units for incorporation into fan coils and climatic chambers

  • Output 0.4kg/hr
  • Ideal for use with fan coil units
  • And for a wide range of climatic chambers, plant germination, bakery provers, etc.
  • Clean and hygienic
  • Ultra-low energy
  • Instantaneous response
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Stulz SCA

For retail food displays, climatic chambers and air conditioning applications

  • 1 kg/hr and 2 kg/hr models
  • With fixed or variable mist output
  • Integral fan directs the mist via hoses
  • Also ideal for special mist effects
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Stulz USM / USS

Microprocessor based master / slave controller for ENS and BNB humidifiers

  • Central control unit for up to 15 Stulz humidification units
  • Clear display for showing actual values, status messages and alarms
  • Interfaces with building management systems
  • Provides power and control for the humidifiers, for efficient operation
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Water treatment systems to suit the Stulz ultrasonic humidifier range

  • Demineralisation cylinders, with conductivity monitoring, for small systems
  • RO systems, specifically engineered for each application
  • Water softeners and UV water sterilizers
  • Systems selected and designed based on customer’s water quality
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